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  • CORPORATE / IT-Software & Websites, Sales & Marketing
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Not Fixed
  • Offer : No
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  • How do You Get Paid : At the completion of the project
  • Special skills or requirements needed from the part timer
  • A business opportunity for one person in every Grama Niladhari Division ............
    Who is this opportunity for?
    * For an existing business (Communication, Telephone Shop, Grocery,
    Ad Agency, Printing Shops, Tailoring Shops etc.)
    * For someone thinking of starting a new business
    * For a public or private sector employee
    * For someone interested in earning extra income at any other level.

    Currently affiliated with, the No. 1 website in Sri Lanka for buying and selling as well as many other additional services.
    Be the representative of the Grama Niladhari Division .........
    * You can earn a minimum of Rs. 100,000 / - per month as our Permanent Representative
    * That income can be earned locally as well as abroad.
    * In addition, you can earn income in the following ways.
    1) Agent fees
    2) District Incentives
    3) Promotions
    4) The new revenue strategies we are introducing and
    This includes the offers we offer at different times and times.

Job provided by :

Madhawa  Nandana

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No.8/9, Suranimala Place, Colombo – 03, Sri Lanka. Email. [email protected]

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