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  • Project Description :
  • We need Influencer to promote
    In the past few years, newspapers got thinner, TV ads got cheaper, and radio is getting quieter. This is disruption. Why does this happen? The internet has given us so much access to information and options that we no longer consume content the way we used to anymore.
    Communication too has become less difficult. We no longer wait for days for the postman to arrive at our door, we “email”. We no longer need to wait to watch the TV news at a time, we receive ho
  • Skills Required :
  • INDIVIDUAL / Data Entry & Admin
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Fixed -Price Rs. 10.00
  • Offer : No
  • Pay Hourly Rate : No
  • Target Completion Date : No
  • How do You Get Paid : Task wise
  • Special Skills or Requirements needed from the Part-Timer
  • Per referral Rs 10.00
    Once you reach Rs 100.00 you can request a reload or bank deposit.
    Minimum amount to claim is 100.00

    minimum you have to register 10 peoples to this service and email the 10 numbers to the below with your bank account number we will deposit your payment within 24 hours.

    [email protected]

No. 10 - 2 /1, 10th Lane, Colombo – 03, Sri Lanka. land No - +94 11770 9800 Email. [email protected]

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