Need - Adventure Co-ordinators

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  • Project Description :
  • Hi,
    We are Looking for the Smart Dream Holders, with Leadership/Positive Attitude/Teamwork Work for success Resumes.
    Their is No Boss to you, but Working as a Team under the leadership. We need such a nice character who can work with Nature and self motivated character, can be work as a team.

    WILDFEAT ADVENTURE, developed to extract the hidden leadership and the extra ordinary capabilities of the participant, these specialized training programs are result oriented and offer soft & hard adv
  • Skills Required :
  • CORPORATE / Event Organizers & Planners, Life Coaching, Sales & Marketing, Tourism
  • Job value / Price intended to pay
  • Price : Not Fixed - Negotiable
  • Offer : Yes
  • Pay Hourly Rate : No - Negotiable
  • Target Completion Date : No
  • How do You Get Paid :
  • Special Skills or Requirements needed from the Part-Timer
  • Leadership
    Positive Attitude
    Adventure Moral
    Self Motivation
    Strong Command
    Teamwork Work for success

No. 10 - 2 /1, 10th Lane, Colombo – 03, Sri Lanka. land No - +94 11770 9800 Email. [email protected]

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