The Company is a venture of Csquare Holdings Private Limited & JC Ventures Private Limited. Both of the companies are Limited Liability Company duly incorporated in Sri Lanka. It’s a joint venture between a Sri Lankan entrepreneur and a Japanese investor. The key objective of the Company is to start economically viable projects, which will assist in uplifting day to day life of Sri Lankans. is the inaugural project of JC Ventures Private Limited. The aim of this project is to create and promote part time job culture in Sri Lanka. We will have thousands of part time job seekers in our database and at the same time thousands of part time jobs in the country. will facilitate all part time job seekers (students, pensioners, professionals, etc) to find part time jobs and at the same time for job providers to find resources for their part time job requirements easily and effectively.

No.8/9, Suranimala Place, Colombo – 03, Sri Lanka. Email. [email protected]

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